New and exclusive for 2018, and for the most discerning collectors only, we proudly present:

The Traci Lords WideScreen Remasters Collection

The Highest Quality Movie Collection For the Ultimate Porn Star

Restored. Enhanced. Remastered

For the first time ever, you can enjoy 50 of the legendary teenage porn star’s movies restored from source material, enhanced and remastered into a stunning 14:9 digital format, at a higher than standard 840×540 resolution.


Forget low quality internet streams or dated and blocky DVD rips – if you are a genuine Traci Lords fan or collector, this collection is the most significant advancement in 30 years.

Convenient Playback Choices

These movies are in the MP4 format and will play on a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and most smart TV’s.


And they look perfect in our new WideScreen format.


The Traci Lords WideScreen Collection is presented to you on a single high capacity 128GB USB 3.0 stick, which comes initially encrypted for additional privacy and security.


Discreet and portable.

Latest Technology

Professional grade editing hardware and software used for the restoration and enhancing, and the latest versions of the x264 and aac codecs for encoding. Enhancements made during restoration include:


* De-interlacing where required for smooth, flicker-free playback.


* Overscan borders from films originally presented on video removed.


* Analogue noise on picture reduced via noise reduction software where necessary.


* Audio tracks enhanced and normalised.
* Various PQ settings re-balanced and optimised.


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As a bonus to purchasers of this unique collection, we are including, free of charge, a set of 62 ‘original remasters’ [ie 640×480 4:3 format] alongside the 50 carefully chosen WideScreen films.


Check out our Film Collection page here to see exactly what’s included in the WideScreen Remasters and in the Original Remasters.


This will give you a complete set of Traci’s adult work, scene-wise.


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Purchasing Information

The collection will be shipped on or around May 7th 2018, to coincide with Traci’s 50th birthday – a celebration all round.
The price is $799 including worldwide shipping and delivery on an intially encrypted 128GB USB stick.
The main method of payment we are accepting is the digital currency Bitcoin. Bitcoin is very easy to obtain and ensures complete privacy for your purchase. Paypal or credit card companies would obviously not be suitable parties for these transactions. Cash may be possible, but is not confirmed at this point.


If you have not bought bitcoin before, the easiest and fastest way to get it is via, where you can sign-up and buy instantly via numerous methods. It can then be sent directly from your account there to us for your order. There is generally a 2-3% mark-up when purchasing from that site, but we will discount our price by $20 for anyone using them in order to cover that.
High demand is expected for this limited and one-off collection – contact us to order yours.
Contact Us On Our Encrypted Email:

Traci Lords And Friend

Update August 2018: Collection May Still Be Available On Ad-Hoc Basis…Email If Interested












Due to many messages asking us to continue providing this collection, we have made the decision to consider supplying on a strictly ad-hoc basis. Email if interested and we will discuss the possibility of providing you with this unique collection.

Gorgeous Teenage Traci Lords


Number of Collections Still For Sale:  n/a  [Email If Interested]