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Below is a list of the 50 movies making up the Traci Lords WideScreen Remasters.


They have been carefully selected as the very best of her extensive catalogue of early work. The only films that missed the cut were ones with poor story or production values, foreign language dubbing, or source material quality that didn’t reach our standards for WideScreen remastering. However, these are still included in our free bonus ‘original remasters’ collection.


All of these films are the original, uncut, full length versions and all have English dialogue.


They have all been subject to complete restoration from the source material and been remastered into 840×540 resolution 14:9 WideScreen MP4 files with AAC stereo audio.


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Traci Lords Reverse Cowgirl



01. Another Roll In The Hay

02. Aroused

03. Bad Girls III

04. Battle Of The Stars

05. Beverly Hills Copulator

06. Black Throat

07. Breaking It

08. Country Girl

09. Dirty Pictures

10. Dream Lover


11. Educating Mandy

12. Graftenberg Spot, The

13. Harlequin Affair

14. Holly Does Hollywood

15. It’s My Body

16. Just Another Pretty Face

17. Kinky Business

18. Ladies In Lace

19. Love Bites

20. Lust In The Fast Lane


21. Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies V

22. Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies VI

23. Miss Passion

24. New Wave Hookers

25. One Hot Night Of Passion

26. Open Up Tracy

27. Passion Pit

28. Peek A Boo Gang

29. Perfect Fit

30. Pleasure Party


31. Portrait Of Lust

32. Sex Fifth Avenue

33. Sex Goddess, The

34. Sister Dearest

35. Sizzling Suburbia

36. Suzie Superstar II

37. Swedish Erotica #56

38. Swedish Erotica #60

39. Sweet Little Things

40. Talk Dirty To Me III


41. Those Young Girls

42. Traci I Love You

43. Traci Takes Tokyo

44. Tracie Lords

45. Traci’s Fantasies

46. Tracy In Heaven

47. Two Timing Traci

48. We Love To Tease

49. What Gets Me Hot

50. Wild Things


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High Quality Digital Front Covers Included

All orders also receive the ‘original remasters’ collection in 4:3 standard definition format, which consists of the WideScreen Remasters films plus the following 12:



Adventures Of Tracy Dick, The

American Babylon

Future Voyeur

Hollywood Heartbreakers

Jean Genie

Night Of Loving Dangerously

Physical II

Porn In The USA

Sex Shoot

Sex Waves

Tailhouse Rock

Young & Restless II



This gives you a complete set of  original movies that have been subject to our standard remastering work, and our unique WideScreen Remasters.



Traci Lords Screengrab From One Of The WideScreen Remasters
Traci Lords Screengrab From One Of The WideScreen Remasters


The two pics above are screengrabs straight from the WideScreen Remasters – there are many more in a slideshow on our ‘Preview Pics’ page. If you have any queries about the collections or you’d like to order yours now, please contact us on our encrypted email: